23 October 2019

Projections 2019: Nats Steal Game, Lead from Astros

The Washington Nationals have won a World Series game. A Washington baseball club hadn't won a World Series game in 86 years. Now the Nats are 1-0 favorites over the Houston Astros, the best team in baseball this year.

The most likely discrete outcome remains an Astros victory, now in seven games rather than six. The Nats' best chance is a clinching game five that saves them from returning to Houston.

Projections as of 23 October 2019

Bettors over at 5Dimes think I'm a bit too optimistic about DC celebrating their first Fall Classic triumph since Calvin Coolidge's presidency, the big money staying in Texas for now.

This postseason has proven to be one of excitement and sleeplessness. It will soon be over, and it will be a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

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