02 October 2019

Projections 2019: Nats Boost Odds with Wild Wild Card Win

In a thrilling demonstration of our national pastime, the Washington Nationals won their first winner-take-all postseason contest at Nationals Park last night in the nation's capital with their come-from-behind victory over the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2019 National League Wild Card Game. National.

Projections as of 02 October 2019

With the win, the Nats boost their World Series chances from 5% to 8%. They face a tough road ahead against the NL top seed Los Angeles Dodgers, against whom they'll need to take at least one game in LA.

Oakland and Tampa Bay face off tonight in a bid to determine who will face the Houston juggernaut. Stay tuned to track each team's progress through the 2019 postseason.

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