04 October 2019

Projections 2019: Dodgers Favored, ALDS Begins

With their drubbing of the Washington Nationals' eternally beleaguered bullpen, the Los Angeles Dodgers made themselves the favorites to win the 2019 World Series. In yesterday's other contest, the St. Louis Cardinals flipped the script, taking one from the Atlanta Braves in the City of Trees.

Projections as of 04 October 2019

The Cards are now the favorite to advance to the NLCS, most likely clinching in St. Louis against Atlanta in game four. The Braves' best bet is to force a deciding game five at home.

The Nats put themselves in a heck of a tight spot with their loss to the overpowering Dodgers. Unless they get their act together, LA will turn Natstown into Sweepsville in game three.

The New York Yankees might have a history of embarrassing the Minnesota Twins in October, but my model doesn't care, calculating that these squads are more evenly matched than in the past. The Bombers are still the favorites, modestly, 55-45 over the Twinkies.

The Tampa Bay Rays' victory in the AL Wild Card won them the right to walk headlong into the buzz saw that is the Houston Astros' roster. I have the 'Stros as dominant 2-1 favorites over Tampa Bay.

Check back tomorrow after the first full slate of postseason match-ups this October. After all, as the Braves might say, tomorrow is another day.

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