28 October 2010

San Fran (64.5%) Draws First Blood

10/28/10 TEX SFO
World Series 35.5% 64.5%

For the first time in the 2010 playoffs, the San Francisco Giants are substantial favorites to win the World Series. Outcome distributions after the jump.

Projected World Series Outcomes:
Giants 4-2 over Rangers (20.2%)


Unknown said...

Can you please udpate the graphs and title. Thanks.

JD Mathewson said...

@MBS: We post a new chart and graph after every game. The latest post is here: http://www.rationalpastime.com/2010/10/rangers-206-chances-fading-fast.html. You can always get the latest analysis on the rationalpastime.com homepage, or you can simply open up the label for the MLB 2010 Postseason: http://www.rationalpastime.com/search/label/MLB%20Postseason%202010