15 October 2019

Projections 2019: Nats One Game Away from First World Series

The Fightin' Howie Kendricks are one game away from the World Series. Having defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in game three of the 2019 National League Championship Series, the Washington Nationals need one more win to claim their first ever pennant; their World Series probability, at 39%, is almost certainly the highest in the history of the franchise.

Projections as of 15 October 2019

The Cardinals have a 24-to-1 chance of coming back in the series. The Nats have about a 60% chance of completing the sweep tonight at Nats park.

The ALCS resumes this evening in New York, with the New York Yankees once again underdogs to the Houston Astros (at least by my numbers). The most likely results involve an Astros win in five or six.

The Bronx Bombers are trying to claim their first pennant this decade, in the final year of the decade. The most successful North American sports franchise in history hasn't finished a decade without winning a league championship since the 1910's, a decade which ended with them purchasing the contract of one George Herman Ruth.

Ruth's legacy lives on in the mammoth proportions of Big Apple assassins like Aaron Judge. Yankee fans are expecting him to produce on the biggest stage of his career. They will be overjoyed should he deliver. They love Big Brother.

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