27 October 2019

Projections 2019: Astros Favored over Nats Once Again

The Houston Astros evened up the 2019 World Series last night against the Washington Nationals, but the two teams' prospects are anything but even. The favorite is still 61% to win it all, but as of this morning that favorite is from Houston. The most likely discrete outcome is Stros in six.

Projections as of 24 October 2019

Touts at 5Dimes remain more bullish on Houston than my numbers.

I wrote at the start that this was a record of models and simulations, and running them beside Henry towards the evening glass of beer, I found the one prayer that seemed to serve the autumn mood: O Baseball Gods, You've done enough, You've robbed me of enough, I'm too tired and old to learn to love, leave me alone forever.

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