04 April 2016

Rating Systems Challenge: A Rational Championship on the Line

This post is part of a series about the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

Villanova's triumph over Oklahoma in the Final Four closed the book on Sagarin and Pinnacle's Vegas ratings. The last two systems with a chance to clinch the top spot in the 2016 Rating Systems Challenge are ESPN's Basketball Power Index and Warren Nolan's Nolan Power Index. BPI picked North Carolina to win it all. NPI is the only system that picked the Wildcats. Tonight's National Championship game will decide this year's best bracket.

Though they have no shot at finishing in first place, three other systems will benefit from a Tarheels win. Lunardi RPI and the AP and USA Today preseason polls both ranked UNC as the best school in the field at the start of tournament play.

Enjoy the game!

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