18 October 2013

MLB Postseason Projections 2013: Sox Lead Once Once Again Again

This article is part of a continuing series examining the postseason prospects of the eight seven six five four remaining MLB playoff teams in 2013.

The Boston Red Sox have jumped way ahead on the World Series probability leaderboard following their conquest of the Detroit Tigers at Comerica. At a 48% chance to win it all, the Sox have set a new high for the 2013 campaign.

Meanwhile, the Tigers are close to their postseason low at 9:1 to take home the Commissioner's Trophy.

See series breakdowns, World Series outcomes and updated team ratings below.

Facing elimination against a better-rated team that they'll have to beat twice on the road, the Detroit Tigers are looking at 4:1 odds just for the chance to represent the Junior Circuit in the Fall Classic. The Rational Pastime projection system gives the Sox a 57% chance to seal the deal in Game 6.

In tonight's game, the system picks the Cardinals over the Dodgers. Then again, Clayton Kershaw. Either way, St. Louis still has a major advantage over Los Angeles in the remaining two games.

The top World Series outcome remains Boston over St. Louis in six games. In fact, with both Los Angeles and Detroit staring elimination in the face, the top eight outcomes involve the Cardinals and Red Sox.

Check out the updating ratings following tonight's potential Game 6 elimination match-up in St. Louis.

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