12 December 2011

Factual Statements about Tim Tebow

Broncos QB Tim Tebow
Photo credit: Wikipedia
If you're reading this, it probably means you haven't excised our blog from your RSS feed, yet. For that, I thank you. We're coming out of hibernation simply to share some statistics about the 2011 season of Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow, who...

  • Completes 48.5% of his passes (last among qualifying [with at least fourteen attempts/game] quarterbacks)
  • Averages 6.52 yards per pass attempt (27th among 32 qualifiers).
  • Has thrown two interceptions (best among qualifiers)
  • Averages 117 passing yards per game (worst among qualifiers).
  • His team, the Denver Broncos, has won six straight games (third best in the NFL).
  • They are 8-3 with Tebow under center.
  • Their strength of schedule is 0.515 (fifth-toughest in the AFC).
  • During their win streak, he has faced the Raiders (7-6), Chiefs (5-8), Jets (8-5), Chargers (6-7), Vikings (2-11) and Bears (7-6).
  • Those teams combine for a record of 35-43, or 35-37 if you discount their games against the Broncos.
  • Ranks 25th among 39 quarterbacks in win probability added
  • Has netted -14.5 expected points added (34/39)
  • Costs his team -0.04 points per play, according to expected points added (33/39)
  • Completes 32.8% of deep pass attempts (15 yards or more; 1/39)

That is all.
Data courtesy of ESPN and Advanced NFL Stats

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