06 June 2011

The Absurdity of the Hold Statistic @ BtB

Drew Storen's butcher job on Sunday amassed a dismal -0.449 Win Probability Added. He also earned the hold. It's the 10th worst hold by WPA terms since the stat was invented, and the 4th worst in a winning game.
The definition varies, but typically a reliever earns a hold whenever he enters in a save situation, records at least one out, and leaves the game still in a save situation... Closers, by definition, cannot finish a losing game and earn a save... However... if the setup man leaves the game after a hold opportunity, but the next pitcher allows an inherited runner to score the winning run, the first pitcher still earns the hold because he fulfilled the above criteria. Thus, a setup man can earn the HD and the L in the same outing.
Read more about this and other reasons why the hold stat is absurd at Beyond the Box Score...

Photo credit: MissChatter (Flickr)

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