25 May 2010

Am I Missing Something Here?

I assume I have to be, because while doing some fantasy baseball research I came across this news bite. From yesterday:
Doumit, whom the Pirates rested for two of the team's five-game homestand, batted seventh for the third time this season. Manager John Russell explained that he was simply trying to qet his hot bats higher in the order and Doumit has done little in May...
Doumit's lines:

Season 13 18 63 25 0.292 0.834
Last 30 11 14 47 12 0.322 0.932
Last 15 5 3 20 5 0.317 0.904

To be clear, Ryan Doumit's OPS in the month of May is in fact an unspectacular .744, but this is mostly an artifact of the artificial boundaries of the calendar month. The only Pirate whose OPS is outperforming Doumit's over the last 30 games is Andrew McCutchen, and nobody is beating him in the last 15.

To summarize, Russell believes that a catcher playing .900 OPS ball in the Bucs lineup has "done little." Lucky for the Pirates that batting order doesn't matter all that much.

(Photo Credit: MLB.com)

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